Idéias para Tattoos – Dolce e Bella #Sweetest Tattoos Ideas


days ago when visiting the most gorgeous “weird place” i know, the Let me be WEIRD, I met these cute ideas:

tumblr_na9dvt9Dvs1r71z06o1_1280photo_tatouage_cupcake_rose_pepites_chocolat_etoilef01f25ba570c49d5b106e55ae3597ac46017203726_3caa046851_z3588712465_2059723477_ochad_023685d4d6cgw1ecg13erxyxj20zk0q77cptattoo-arm-new_school-ice_creamtumblr_n6k9ph5MpT1r71z06o1_1280image10-578x578image9 3209120613_1_2_mHaCYVHi 5d8d7b5477b61681dffcab4ac30e5fff candy-corn-zombie-walking-tattoo a865688d37ce369413839cb743eea5ad exploding cupcake1 Chocolate-and-strawberry-tattoo Milkshake-Tattoo-by-Toby-Gawler image4 ice-cream-tattoo image3-578x491 d2621d4608e9b68669c1d14aa7308209 762a0a9a2d956724feab120d2884bb91 d5aada701e_-yu 12033999785_1675156f5c_z-618x413


via excelente post direto do Let me be WEIRD (site recomendado)




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