Sexta é dia de GIFs #Friday GIFs

Nice Gifs 4 our Friday


Instant karma

Here’s some lightning

Have I told you lately, that I love you?

How to make a dog alarm clock: 1. get a dog 2. get a laser

A bucket of paper airplanes dumped from a balcony

Chin up little fella

The Salmon send their Champion to Battle

Fetch Watch

Dad parenting

Cat-like reflexes

Truly high-five worthy

Fish fishing

Still one of my favorites

The power of green screen

The other ball should get half the car or at least a bunch of free rides


This entire desert is delicious

The march of the penguins is not always a smooth journey

Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel

Just playing with my fish

I’m getting seasick just watching this

via Twisted Sifter


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