36 Hours: Chasing the Roman Sun

Rome’s Tiber River is stitched together by bridges old and new, and walking them quickly acquaints you with the city and its history. Ponte Fabricio dates back to 62 BC and connects to Tiber Island, a quick stop for gelato or aperitvo. Ponte Sant'Angelo was completed by Emperor Hadrian in 136 AD and provides a glimpse of the Vatican. Lovers flock to Ponte Milvio to attach symbolic padlocks to the bridge. All offer a view of the watercolor panorama which is a Roman sunset. To visit the city without snagging a taste of its pizza would be a crime in itself, so head to Pizzeria ai Marmi for some of the best reviewed pizza in Rome. Pizza this good attracts quite a line, so skip the wait and instead return for a late night treat. Head to the pizzeria after an evening of fun at 8 Millimetro or Campo di Fiori. You’ll have the place practically to yourselves, pizzas will whiz out of the ultra-hot oven in minutes, and it is in a prime location to soak in Trastevere nightlife.


36 Horas em busca do sol Romano, deliciosamente descritas pelo Buon viaggio! e garimapada por nossa equipe de trabalhadores escravos. boa viagem!


For centuries ancient Romans worshiped Sol Invictus, the ‘unconquered sun’. Fast forward several thousand years and Rome’s monuments might be overrun by umbrella-yielding tour guides, panini guzzling tourists, and ferocious street vendors—but the Roman sun remains one thing even they can’t conquer. The moment you touch ground in Italy you can feel it, dancing on your cheekbones, welcoming you with a warmth your taxi driver might not. Its light fills the corners of side streets where cats lounge. It softly weathers shutters and doors, making hues of auburn, salmon, and sienna look still more sunbaked. 36 hours of finding the best spots to capture that legendary light and you’ll leave Rome expecting to turn an olive shade of tan yourself. Follow its rays through Trastevere side streets and shady Navona hideaways, lose track of time, and become swept up in the lingering light of the cult of Sol.

Saturday 4pm:…

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